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Welcome to one of the worlds largest hockey photo archives

Hockey cards support SAFESPACE PROJECT.

Dear Fans of hockey,

It is with great pleasure that we launch this project to support a healthy future for hockey. The project called SAFESPACE PROJECT include the following participants:

Stop Concussions Germany
International Hockey
Maya Magik

Please continue reading below THE GOALS, THE PLAYERS, THE GAME and THE PRIZES:


The goal of the project is to financially assist STOP CONCUSSIONS and SAFESPACE PROJECT to share the knowledge gathered by both organizations to as many people as possible worldwide. These goals will include a full length documentary film and donations targeted for a minimum total of €100,000.


Long time German hockey stars Kerry Goulet (director), Ian Wood (European director) and former NHL star Keith Primeau are at the forefront of Stop Concussions. An organization with the mission of educating in the prevention of player concussions and assisting people suffering from concussions and their debilitating consequences. Concussions in hockey are at an all time high and at all levels, from the very young to bantam, midget, junior and professional levels for both men and women.

Is an organization devoted to the worldwide research of advanced and alternative technologies, techniques and products that benefit humanity in the fields of alternative and complementary psycho-physiological treatments and energy related technology systems.

International Hockey Archives is donating hockey cards from past DEL (German Hockey League) seasons for the purpose of raising money for two charity projects.

The extra cards have been in storage for a number of years in both Canada and in Germany. The sets in question are from the 1994-95 DEL, 1995-96 DEL (the greater majority of cards with some NHL stars in the set from the strike year), 1995-96 Bundesliga and 1996-97 DEL in complete sets only.

There are also a number of Swiss Liga complete sets only (very limited amount). *Available in Europe only. And a number of 1991 Score cards set with numerous Hall of Fame players including Mario Lemieux, Wan Gretzky, Guy Lafleur etc featured (a great collection with a minimal donation).

And finally several hundred CD’s with thousands of NHL and Euro league player photos on each cd.
Cards include a valuable Jaromir Jagr, Vladimir Konstantinov and Peter Klima cards from the 1995-96 1st Liga set. Also Pavel Bure, Uwe Krupp, Brendan Shanahan, Scott Young, Glenn Anderson, Vincent Damphouse, Jeromy Roenick, Doug Weight and Josef Stumpel in the 1995-96 DEL set.

Headed by documentary and film maker Christian Kohlert. Maya Magik Productions in co-operation with Safespace Panworld Project and Stop Concussions have been commissioned the assignment of creating a documentary film that will include the topics of head trauma and alternative information on degenerative health disorders. It will be solution based information that will be invaluable for families and players worldwide.

The most important players in this project are the fans and the fans that make up Fan Clubs. Without your support this project will not happen. We trust that the goodwill and concern of the fans to support their favorite game and players will be the stars of the project.

Rather than just requesting donations from fans, it was decided that through the donations of cards and CD’s from International Hockey Archives to the project, it would be fun to give something back to the fans. Although the cards are from the mid 1990’s, they have a collector value (some of the sets include NHL players that played during the 1994-95 NHL lockout in the 1995-96 DEL set) but also a sentimental value, a type of reconnect to the past players that have paved the way to now. The cards will also be used as a game to win prizes that will be listed shortly. We plan to expand the prizes as we move forward and also the grand prizes will be well worth winning. Stop Concussions has suggested a weekend for two all expenses paid including hotel and airfare to the annual Hall of Fame Game in November 2014 at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto, Canada. Another grand prize will be organized for the Fan Club championship team. The Fan Club championship team will be the Fan Club that raises the most donations, the standings of the competing Fan Clubs will be listed on a weekly basis and the grand winner will receive a high quality surprise trophy from the directors of Stop Concussions and some NHL players, that will spend a VIP evening at a local game of the winning Fan Club where the surprise cup presentation will take place.

The cards will be made available in some cases as complete sets, although the majority of the cards are in foil packs. The bulk of the cards are from the 1995-96 DEL set, those are the ones that include the visting NHL star players. Also within the foil packs from the 1995-96 season DEL set are special winning cards of “Pepi Heiss hologram card”. These winners cards can be mailed in and you will receive by post the hologram card + 10 bonus chances at winning prizes.

All the cards can be viewed at this website link:

In order to give a chance to all donating participants we will award winning chances for all categories as follows with the minimum donation at EUR13.00:

Bronze donation:EUR13.00 (5 foil packs minimum)= 1 chance
Silver donation:EUR125.00= 3 chances
Gold donation:EUR250.00= 5 chances
Platinum donation:EUR500.00= 8 chances

Join the team here!

See the prices at this link and select what you would like to receive in card or CD value for your donation.

Please note that you may try to put together a full set of cards by donating over time and trying to complete a set. Upon completion of a set we will try to have validation venues through Fan Clubs of your city team, where you can get a completed set bonus of 5 additional chances for the prize draws upon certification that you have completed your set.

We would encourage the Fan Clubs to collect donations and we will send in bulk your order for you to distribute to the donating fans in your city. This will save time and shipping and handling costs and speed up the project.

Individuals are also welcome to send in their donations individually.

For Europe cards will be shipped from Germany.

Join the team here!