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Editorial Sales

As one of the world's largest ice hockey photo suppliers International Hockey Archives clients are magazines, revues, newspapers, publishers, equipment manufacturers and team publications etc... IHA works very hard at satisfying everyone's needs. We invite you to contact us should the need arise and allow us to meet your needs and expectations.

Please note that all our photos are fully corrected and print ready (CMYK). When applicable (prior to 1999-2000) we provide the highest quality scans and corrections for publishing. Call for pricing.

Please find below the photo a series of quotes from some of our clients.

The Hockey News  

Bruce Jessop and International Hockey Archives have been a strong contributor to The Hockey News for almost a decade. As the top selling weekly hockey publication in the world, The Hockey News often has last -minute demands for photos. Jessop and IHA are courteous, well-stocked and responsive to deadline requests. With Jessop's growing network of photographers, we're always able to get our man.

Brian Costello
Senior Editor
The Hockey News


Eishockey News  

EISHOCKEY NEWS is a German weekly revue. " If you need a photo in hockey, just call International Hockey Archives. If they don't have it in their archive -which doesn't happen very often - they can always get through their tremendous contacts worldwide. Its really a pleasure working with them". TORSTEN WEISS


Eishockey Woorld  

EISHOCKEY WORLD is a German monthly magazine. " In the years of working with IHA they have always supplied us with the industries best photos. They have also assisted us many times with ideas and suggestions because of their tremendous knowledge of the game and its history"
PATRICK BERNECKER - Editor in chief



"All kind of ice hockey photos from all over world quickly and reliably"
Jussi Heimo
Editor of Finnish Ice Hockey Magazine (Jääkiekkolehti)


All Over Press Finland  

Ice Hockey and specially NHL is very important in Finland. All Over Press Finland is specialized also in sports and hockey pictures are playing major part of our service. IHA has been long time one of our most important hockey picture suppliers. IHA has professional sports photographers and the picture quality has always been excellent. Our special requests have always been handled promptly.

Thank you again for everything and best regards

Markku Vuorela
Picture Agency manager
All Over Press Finland



weekly Magazine for Austria wrote:

Every time when i need special pics of some players anywhere I tell Bruce. Maximun two days later i get some mails from him with very goog quality Pics.

Andreas Gerard, Editor